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Cornish Tree Surgery

Treeworks Cornwall Ltd - Professional Tree Management

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Treeworks Cornwall Ltd. is a professional tree management company operating throughout Cornwall.

We offer all aspects of Tree SurgeryGrounds Maintenance, Forestry, and Ash Dieback


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Our Friendly and professional team of experienced tree surgeons and staff are fully qualified and insured, willing and able to cater for any requirement large or small, domestic or commercial.

We pride ourselves on ensuring we meet the highest quality standards for our customers and we are proud of our excellent reputation.

Ash Dieback

Ash dieback is a highly destructive disease caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. It affects ash trees and causes leaf loss, crown dieback, and eventually death. The disease was first identified in Poland in the 1990s and has since spread throughout Europe. It was first found in the UK in 2012 and has since become a major threat to the country’s ash tree population.

There are several reasons why it is important to get rid of ash dieback. Firstly, ash trees are an important part of the UK’s biodiversity, providing habitats for a wide range of wildlife. The loss of ash trees could have a significant impact on the ecosystem. Secondly, ash trees are also important for their economic value, providing timber for a range of industries. The loss of ash trees could have a significant impact on these industries.

There are also practical reasons for getting rid of ash dieback. Infected trees become weak and brittle, making them more likely to fall and causing a safety risk to people and property. In addition, infected trees can also block roads, footpaths, and waterways, causing disruption and inconvenience.

To combat ash dieback, it is important to identify and remove infected trees as quickly as possible. This will help to prevent the disease from spreading and minimize its impact. It is also important to plant new trees to replace those that have been lost, helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of our woodlands and forests.

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18 Sep 2019
Professional local service.
Thank you Treeworks Cornwall for a professional and friendly service. I was very impressed with how tidy the site was left. Good to see a local company providing a quality service.

Karl Van Der Pauw

21 Oct 2019
Extremely pleased with Tom and Mel’s services at Treeworks Cornwall can happily recommend them.
Tom has done a wonderful job in our garden removing the trees and shrubs, he is extremely reliable, trustworthy and competitive, we can highly recommend his services.
Tom comes up with good ideas and has helped to re-structure our garden and we are thrilled with the final outcome.

Tony Forrest

Excellent service
Professional and reliable and delivered exactly what they promised. Thank you.

Noel Hunter

Great , friendly reliable service from Tom. He gave us a competitive quote and prompt tree and hedge removal.
Highly recommended for any job large or small.

Emily & Matt Vincent